Forest County Potawatomi Elder Services

Contact Information

Monday – Friday | 7am to 5pm
5456 Kak Yot Lane
Crandon, WI 54520

Transportation: 715-478-4779

Elder Care Administrator (Kristine Zelechowski): 715-478-7467

Elder Clinical Manager Caring Place (Jennifer Kitchell): 715-478-7216

Elders Services Administrative Assistant III (Lillie Erdmann): 715-478-4715

Elders Services Coordinator (Penny Christianson): 715-478-4892

Activities Dept. (Jason Townsend): 715-478-4992

Activities Dept. (Jenna Paradies): 715-478-4987

Forest County Potawatomi Resources

Other Resources

Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Northwoods (ADRC):
Phone: 1-800-699-6704
Fax: 715-478-2182

Who is Eligible for Services Provided by the Forest County Potawatomi Elderly Department?

The Forest County Potawatomi Elderly Department (a member of the Forest County Potawatomi Health Division) provides services to Native American elders age 55 and over and non-native elders 60 an over.

Note: All services and announcements on this page pertain only to eligible people.


​Tribal Elder food boxes available again starting mid-May!

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